Meet Team IFCo: Laurence Pagnoni, IFCo US

May 12, 2022
Christina Cullen

Who are the people behind IFCo? Next up in the Meet Team IFCo series is IFC US Director, Laurence Pagnoni.

Tell us about your career in a snapshot.

When I was in the Boy Scouts, I sold more trinkets door to door than any other scout. I knew I had something that others didn’t. That was the root of me becoming a fundraiser. Fundraisers are made, not born. After three nonprofit CEO positions, realised that designing revenue programs was my sweet spot. That’s what led me to found LAPA Fundraising and join IFC too. That was 26 years ago! Now our webinars and my books and weekly blog are the vehicle that helps nonprofits understand advanced fundraising. Join me for one by registering at

What led you down this path?

Without revenue, the nonprofits ideas are dead on arrival. I have made it my life’s work to show nonprofits how to avoid that problem.  

Why International Fundraising Consultancy?

IFCo’s network is in 22+ countries which allows nonprofits to secure donors and funders globally. It also allows a cross-cultural staff.

What are the fundraising challenges in your region?

Donor retention is a problem. Donors are often giving once and then never again. We know how to prevent that from happening but nonprofits are not investing enough in fundraising program infrastructure to stop the hemorrhaging.

How has the global pandemic affected not-for-profit organisations in your region?

The Covid-19 pandemic has opened our mind to virtual work, it has shown the power of the staff to create a work life that fits better.

What does the future hold for charitable fundraising?

The future for fundraising is digital, which also means that nonprofits must invest more into fundraising planning and infrastructure, significantly more.

Laurence Pagnoni is voted in as a world leader…what’s the first thing you do?

I plant a tree in celebration, of course! 😊

Tell us a fun-fact about yourself.

Regular yoga practice keeps me young.

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