Sarah Player


Having lived and worked in six countries, Sarah has a wealth of international experience and understanding of fundraising strategies employed across varied cultural landscapes and how best to adapt and pivot in a changing environment. She has led teams and campaigns across a variety of causes including paediatric medical research; adult medical research and care at 3 NHS Trusts; palliative care; higher education; arts and social science, cultural and human rights.

She has experience in the private sector, managing international B2B conferences around the world, as well as starting a social enterprise in the UK.

If you need support with strategy, planning, or team management at home or abroad Sarah can help. She managed the Major Gifts strategy in South East Asia for one of the UK’s top universities, focussing on Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Later she headed up the nationwide fundraising and awareness raising strategies for a beloved national institution in Canada.

She has expertise in organising and managing large, as well as intimate, philanthropic and profile raising events in contexts as varied as Kensington Palace and Downing Street, to private homes and corporate offices. Sarah holds degrees in Archaeology, Philosophy and Psychology from the top two universities in Ireland. Her varied experience with diverse cultural groups, differing philanthropic trends, as well as her global personal insights, means she can offer a truly holistic strategy to any team or leader. She will inspire and energise a team to uncover all sorts of entrepreneurial insights within while keeping an eye on the bigger picture to help them get where they need to be.


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