2024 Women Changing the World Awards

April 13, 2024
Christina Cullen

Karina Sandoval-Boonstra, IFCO's Director for Latin America and the Caribbean partner, Funds4impact has been selected as a finalist for the 2024 Women Changing the World Awards.

The Women Changing the World Awards presented by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Oprah Winfrey’s all-time favourite guest, Dr. Tererai Trent, celebrate and recognise women achieving outstanding success in areas such as sustainability, humanitarian work, leadership, advocacy, tech, product development, education, health and innovation. The awards are designed to recognise the growing number of women who are leading the way in making the world a better place for us all and inspire other women to answer the call to take action.

 Dr. Trent explains, “These exceptional women are here to awaken hearts, give permission to recapture dreams and inspire the women of the world to come together to forge a brighter path for all. The rising of women is the awakening of everybody.”

Karina an MBA from Dallas University iand a Masters Degree in International Development from the University of Amsterdam. Karina has channeled a total of over $100 million for the organisations she had the privilege to work with during her more than 20years of fundraising experience. She is the proud founder of Funds4impact, a consultancy firm and IFCo's LATAM partner, specialising in fundraising, and strategic partnerships working in 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Speaking about her work, Karina says: 

We are, every day, inspired by meetingl eaders of organisations doing amazing work in the region, and many times one contact barrier they find is how to access the necessary funds to bring their vision and projects to life. Therefore, our way to contribute to this challenge is by enhancing their fundraising efforts so they can stay focused on their broader mission”.

In the last 12 months Karina has built a collaborative space for knowledge sharing (digitally and in-person), led the organisation to hold a unique summit in the region for 200 organisations, and developed a methodology and necessary processes to make it not only stand out but to transcend. Karina attributes this success to a collaborative approach and constant investment in herself and her team.

She is committed to continuing to make an impact through her work and shares her thoughts about the importance of these awards:

“These awards provide a platform for representation, allowing us to raise visibility on migrant female leadership. Additionally, it would expand our network and shine a spotlight on the incredible work being done by the organisations we collaborate with. This recognition would set a precedent for 100% women-owned and socially responsible small businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean region.”


The winners of the 2024 Women Changing the World Awards will be announced at the Women Changing the World Global Summit and Awards in London on 25 May 2024.

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