Interim Support

February 26, 2024
Christina Cullen

The focus of our latest blog is interim support. We consider what to look for when interviewing an interim manager and show how IFCo has been involved in helping our clients with interim positions. And don’t miss the light relief at the end about interim managers who have not worked out.

Is there a secret sauce?

We have interviewed a number of our consultants who have carried out interim positions to find out whether there is a secret sauce to success with interim positions (both for someone choosing to take an interim position and someone who is recruiting). Here is what we found:

  • Interim managers who are successful are culturally sensitive, tend not to be arrogant and have a fierce work ethic.
  • They are also good listeners and have an appetite for knowledge.  
  • They adapt to their new position fast (sometimes in days) and want to go the extra mile to understand the sector and context in which they are working.
  • They tend to have a collaborative approach to teams where everyone’s voice counts.

In terms of what you can expect to pay an interim position, typically costs are higher than the equivalent permanent position to account for the difference in benefits associated with interim positions, but this will vary according to the expected length of the position. The Institute of Interim Management has more information and their 2023 Interim Management Survey has some interesting insights on market trends.

Long term interim support with the WHO Foundation

We worked with the WHO Foundation on a long-term interim engagement during 2021 and 2022. The WHO Foundation is an independent Swiss foundation set up at the beginning of 2021 to marshal resources from the private sector to support the WHO’s mission.IFCo was appointed to join the interim secretariat managing the Foundation’s set up operations. Our challenge was to provide fundraising advise on the approach to a long-term fundraising strategy that would set the Foundation up for success whilst also getting involved practically to grow the fundraising network and to develop partnerships. We helped grow a permanent fundraising team whilst thinking boldly and creatively about how to bring new, non-traditional global health donors into the space.We love this quote from the Director of Philanthropy which reflects the role that our interim consultant played during this formative period of time: “She not only brought her skills as a fundraiser to the WHO Foundation, but also her warm and generous attitude that shaped a culture of optimism, honesty and hard work across the organization.”

The WHO Foundation is now in its fourth year. We are proud and impressed by the organisation that it has become. Their fundraising campaign for WHO’s work in Gaza demonstrates what it can achieve with its core principles of neutrality, independence and impartiality. We’d like to give their campaign a big shout out here.

IFCo's interim team

IFCo has a portfolio of experienced fundraisers who can slot in for short, medium and even long term engagements. Our consultants have all worked on the front line. They know from experience the challenges you face every day of the year and have the skills and experience to hit the ground running. Do contact Bill King at if you would like some help with your staffing on an interim basis.

Five of the worst

And for some light relief, here are some interim Premier League managers who have not worked out so well! 

  1. Joe Kinnear, Newcastle United - He won just five of his 26 matches in charge to drag Newcastle into a relegation battle, before departing for health reasons.
  2. Alan Shearer, Newcastle United - He had just one win and five points from his eight games in charge, thought he was being kept on for the following season, but then never received the call to renew his contract.
  3. Terry Connor, Wolves - He is the only manager in Premier League history to have a 0% win rate having taken charge of 10+ games.
  4. John Carver, Newcastle United - Newcastle lost eight consecutive games under Carver’s management, who boldly and bizarrely stated his belief that he was ‘the best coach in the Premier League’ despite the Magpies’ woeful winless run.
  5. Christian Stellini - Tottenham Hotspurs - Spurs suffered an embarrassing 6-1 defeat to their top-four rivals at St James’ Park, a performance which saw them concede five goals inside the opening 21 minutes.

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